Jarvee 最新破解版本 独家包升级 不掉数据

本地独家提供Jarvee 最新破解版升级服务,24小时同步官方更新,(升级不掉数据,原账号及配置信息都有)需要的朋友可以访问下面链接了解购买使用。


Jarvee v2.0.4.1版本升级记录:本站升级日期:2018-12-6




Jarvee 最新破解版本 独家包升级 不掉数据




Version - December 4th
- Campaign - Edit Post - added new option to export all videos
- Campaign - Posts List - added options to Export All Images and Export all Videos

- Settings Social Platforms Instagram - When using Auto Phone Verify or Auto Email Verify options added an extra option for each to allow a delay after an account is email/phone verified until it switches to VALID. Useful if you do not want to execute the tools right after the email verification or phone verification is finished.
When using this the account will switch to a delayed status and then to Valid after x minutes( what you have setup). If you set it to 0 - 0 it means the account will go to Valid right after email/phone verification is done
- Export Status History - Add column to show how many times a status was received
- Profile Details Advanced Settings - Added new option for Instagram called 'Do not auto phone verify'. Useful when you want to use the Auto Phone verify option from Settings Social Profiles Instagram but want to exclude some accounts(some accounts to not auto phone verify)
- Instagram Mute Users Tool - When using Mute Specific users source add an option to Mute after x minutes. When its enabled the users will be muted after x minutes after they were added in the mute specific users list. Useful when sending users to be muted from the follow tool

- Facebook - Campaign - Added the option to use the Publishing Tool for Page Posts
- Campaign - Advanced Settings - Facebook - new option to keep just one image from link preview extraction (prevent double images in some cases)
- Facebook - Account Actions - new option to accept only friend requests with a minimum number of mutual connections
- Facebook - Invite - Add Emails to Groups - added option to delete all emails from the input list

- Facebook - Account actions - fixed retrieving post likes
- Facebook - Like comments - fixed liking comments on groups
- Pinterest - Repin - fixed detecting pin saved.
- Campaign - Facebook - fixed bypassing Create offer popup
- Instagram Video Posting - Fixed issue with posting image as video failing in some cases due to invalid image aspect ratio.
- Facebook - Pages - Prevent publishing on pages that require confirmation of the primary location
- Pinterest - Create boards - fixed creating boards
- Contact - Send messages - fixed deleting pending messages
- Pinterest - Create Boards - Fixed issues with creating boards for some accunts
- Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Fixed issue with no more results when using the View Stories by Hashtag Search Source
- Campaign - Linkedin - fixed publishing posts
- Facebook - Send message - fixed finding chat text area
- Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Tools - Fixed issue when using Follow/Like/Comment on users that interacted with target accounts/posts returning a search being aborted error

Version -  November 28th
- Campaign - Rss feed - html paragraphs inside Description are now transformed to new lines in the post (to keep initial formatting)
- Twitter - Contact - allow sending messages with images only
- Instagram Block Followers - Added an Unblock All button under the list with blocked users. Useful if you want to unblock all the previously blocked users
- Instagram - Story Viewer - Added option to limit views per users per x days
- Instagram - Repost - Sources - Added option to randomize post URLs when using specific post urls source
- Instagram Follow/Like/Comment - Optimized search time when using the Source Interact with target accounts/posts and using the Comments option
- Instagram Like Exchange - Change minimum requirements for accounts that can give likes, they need to have at least one posted post and a profile picture.
- Instagram Scrape Tools - When scraping additional user details add another option to scrape additional business info like date joined, country name and ads, info available only for business accounts with more than 75k followers. Check this option if you want to extract this info as well.
- Facebook - Contact - Send message - fixed clicking on send message button
- Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with Skip Followers not working when using the followers/followings of target accounts Follow Source.
- Campaings - What to publish - Scrape posts - Fixed description extraction when using Pinterest own boards as sources
- Campaigns - Linkedin - Fixed issues with posts creation that some linkedin accounts were having
- Linkedin - Search And Connect - Fixed issue that caused timeout error code 168 when more than 10 connections per operation are selected
- Settings - Software Settings - Fixed restarting the application daily at a specific hour
- Twitter - Retweet - fixed filtering timeout error
- Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with User has Profile Image option not working
- Instagram Story Viewer - Fixed issue with Limit views per user not working when viewing stories of specific users
- Facebook - Account actions - adjustments on like operation
- Facebook - Like comments - fixed liking comments
- Twitter - Retweet - fixed filtering tweet by date time
- Instagram - Repost - fix copy settings for 'Repost posts of Specific Users' source (selection rank)
- Instagram Like Comments Tool - Fixed issue with tools stopping when using max likes per hour and having and interval like 0 - 5
- Campaign - Facebook - fixed retrieving post link
- Twitter - Retweet - filtered withheld tweets
- Campaign - Prevent double posting on the same group from multiple accounts when using the 'with a maximum of x destinations from each account' setting
Version -  November 20th
- Tools - added new max operations per hour limit for all the tools having max operations per day option
- Global Tools - IG Engagement Groups - Likes - Added option to set secondary run timers for a selected set of accounts, that would execute actions at a different pace than the rest of the accounts
- Tools Instagram Show Notification History - Now shows notifications for the Unfollow, Like and Comment tool as well
- Social Profiles - Actions on selected profiles - Instagram Actions - Added option to Start/Stop all tools (When this option is used, for each selected account, if at least one tool is started then stop all tools, otherwise start all tools that were previously stopped using the same option)
- Global Tools - IG Engagement Groups - Added the option to specify the maximum number of comments/likes to perform for each post
- Instagram - Block Followers - Added option to block private users
- Facebook - Comment & Like - fixed commenting on walls
- Pinterest - Repin - fixed finalizing repin
- Facebook - Fixed publishing issue on walls
- Facebook - 'Post without a caption' popup is now handled correctly
- Linkedin - Like - Fixed issues with items not showing in the results tab when using linkedin feed sources
- Campaign - Facebook - fixed sharing on groups
- Facebook - Group finder - fixed filtering out public groups
- Facebook - Fixed issue with group sync
- Linkedin - Like - Fixed issues with items not showing in the results tab when using linkedin feed sources

Version - November 6th
- General - Advanced Selection - new option to select all unfiltered
- Settings - Embedded Browser - new option to remember browser size and location for each account

- Instagram - Direct Messages - Added options to create, rename, and add people to Groups
- Instagram Repost Tool - Added option to Post image as video. Use this option if you want the app to convert the image to a 3 second video before reposting it
- Instagram - Like - Added option to save post after it is liked
- Instagram Follow Tool - When the search gets aborted due to too much time spent, if there are any users scraped follow them instead of discarding them
- Campaign Instagram Advanced Options - When choosing a video cover allow to choose the frame for second 0,1 or 2 ( previously 3 was the minimum)
- Instagram Follow Tool - Do not stop the tool when having no more Follow Sources, just go to the next follow cycle
- Profile Details Advanced Profile Settings - Added option for Instagram to phone verify using the Embedded Browser instead of the api. Use this when you want the auto phone verification to be done with the Embedded Browser
- Instagram Follow Tool - When using the Follow followers of own account source in Results in the Keyword column show also the name of the follower that was used
- Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Tools - When using the follow/like/comment users/posts that interacted with target users/posts source when adding usernames add if you want to interact with like, comments or both at the user level
- Instagram - Adjust Embedded user agent to match same Android version and phone model as the Api UserAgent
- Instagram Unfollow Tool - Added option to not unfollow story viewers
- Instagram Comment Tool - Added option to enable dynamic hashtags, useful when you want to append random hashtags to your comment
- Profile Details IG Scrape Tools - When scraping additional user details allow to filter out private users

- Facebook - Contact - Auto reply new messages - added option to extract from filtered messages

- Pinterest - Repin - new option to start all boards

- Linkedin - Autolike - added import/export for sources

- Campaign - Pinterest - fixed cliking on add pin button
- Linkedin - fixed sync contacts
- Twitter - Fixed recaptcha bypass issue
- Linkedin - Comment - Fixed error code 168 issues
- Instagram Unfollow Tool - Fixed issue with the unfollow tool trying to unfollow same users
- Instagram Like Tool - Fixed issue with Blacklisted users still being able to be liked
- Instagram Unfollow Tool - Fixed issue with the autoextract users followed outside(from the use whitelist option) not working in some situations
- Campaign Post Image as Video - Fixed issue with getting error code 180 or getting timeout when posting with this option on
- Social Profiles Actions On Selected Profiles - Fixed issue with the Remove Proxies button not working properly
- Fixed issue with Yourls config
- Pinterest - Unfollow - fixed detecting unfollowed user
- Campaign - Pinterest - fixed filtering out avatar image when extracting pin image from Link
- Linkedin - Sync followers - fix
- Facebook - Account Actions - Fixed error code 168 when accepting friend requests

Version - October 30th
- Settings - Backup - new option to delete unused old files from data folder

- Instagram - Unfollow - Added option to stop tool for x minutes after y unfollows
- Instagram - Unfollow - Added option to skip wait time when there are no more users to unfollow
- Campaign Advanced Settings Instagram - Added option to post image as video. Useful when your account trust score is low and the images gets deleted by Instagram after posting
- Instagram Follow Back Tool - Added option to send followers to the Auto Follow tool Follow Specific Users Source instead of following them straight away. Useful if you want to apply advanced settings to filter better who you follow back
- Instagram Auto Follow tool - Extracted users tab Auto copy scraped results to other accounts added option to send to own account. Use this option if you do not want to manually add your account in the list to copy to everytime
Also useful when you want to copy settings over to other accounts if you want accounts to scrape their own data
- Instagram Scrape Tool - When scraping additional user details also extract the business category of the account, if it has one

- Campaign - Scrape Posts - Facebook - added support for photo albums

- LinkedIn - Connector and Profile Viewer - new source for adding people from a provided list

- Pinterest - Follow - fixed extract boards by keywords
- Campaign - Advanced settings - added Chose a random post from the Posts list setting to Copy Settings list
- Campaign - Facebook - fixed publishing to walls
- Pinterest - Comment - fixed adding comments
- Twitter - Like - fix timeout error
- Facebook - Bump - fixed deleting bump
- Pinterest - Follow - fixed following boards
- Pinterest - Repin - fixed adding signature after repin
- Facebook - Added login support for business pages accounts
- Facebook - Fixed page publishing issue
- Facebook - Fixed issue with adding the link after publishing
- Campaigns - What To Publish - Scrape Posts - Fixed scrapping twitter posts
- Dashboard - Statistics - Tools - Fixed displaying weekly and monthly statistics for #Followers and #Followings
- Linkedin - Invite - Add Friends To Groups - Fixed issue with tool finishing with 'error code 37' for some accounts
- Instagram Delete Tool - Fixed issue with not being able to copy setting Archive post instead of deleting it to other accounts.

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