VERSION 6.9.2 IDEA: - Add Market Place feature. We will need an account which allow to access this feature. Would be great if you can give us an account for FREE. Please contact us via email if you have one. - Status Syn feature which allow you see details of accounts such as Friend/Groups count, Friend Request pending, Notify ... - For any new idea please contact us ASAP.

VERSION 6.9.1 [CURRENT] - Fixed minor bugs reported from clients (e.g: groups/users searching and checking, add account issue ...) - Invite like Page allow custome private message sending - Add LOOP feature for FB Live - Add more text preset for Normal Message - Mass Auto LIKE now allow you working with Simulator Browser accounts - Add Auto Comments to mass auto like/follow (Other Tools > Auto LIKE/FOLLOW/COMMENT) - Add Sticker feature for Comments and Private Messages - Change Google Shorten Link service to Bit.ly Shorten link service

VERSION 6.8 - Fixed login issue - Add Facebook Live feature (Youtube link is not working stable on this version)

VERSION 6.7 - Fixed minor bugs reported from 6.6 version - Add Video Posting and Video include Photos Posting - New feature Auto Poke, Happy Birthday to Friends - New feature Group Activity checking - New feature Auto reply comments and send PM to User - New feature Check-In when posting messages - New feature text preset when posting messages - New tag: [emo] allow you random emoticon (edit at Data\\emoticon.txt)

VERSION 6.6 - Fixed minor bugs reported from 6.5 version (e.g: searching, schedule bugs ...) - Add account using the cookie or list of cookies - Add account using the list of tokens - Fetch Your Pages allow you to create the page profile and save as an account to the software - Improve Photo Posting - Improve Auto-Reply feature for User and Page profile - Add cell phone column to Beta Test Feature >> Get Friend Infomations - Facebook API has stopped support private message sending. You need to use Simulator Browser mode.

VERSION 6.5 - Fix group fetching 0 result - Resizable windows - Multiple-windows for embed browser - Fixed sorting columns and add sorting column for main windows - Add column Date Added. You can know how long account since added. - New schedule: invite friend to groups/like page/event - Improve Schedule and schedule log windows.

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