Instadub 3.990最新破解版下载-专用升级文件发布页面



Instadub 3.990最新破解版下载-专用升级文件发布页面


目前最新版本 Instadub3.918





Instadub 3.990最新破解版下载-专用升级文件发布页面


Instadub 3.990最新破解版下载-专用升级文件发布页面




3.918 24/11/2020

  • Settings tab option to just carry on posting normally if detect images caption didn't post due to too many #tags or @mentions
  • SMS API country codes now can be account specific

3.916 21/11/2020 3.917 23/11/2020

  • Set accounts to automatically reset password if challenge requires (Defaults to not update)
  • improved debugging

3.916 21/11/2020

  • Account verification challenge options fix

3.915 18/11/2020

  • improved pausing for profile details scraping from list
  • debugging lock issue

3.914 11/11/2020

  • database loading fix
  • Load Images from description file works with URLs

3.912 07/11/2020

  • unfollow bug fix
  • input token fix

3.911 06/10/2020

  • Searches can take CSV input: term,rand to randomise results for default searches and will randomise results of first step of custom search
  • Custom Search lets each step take a randomise option to randomise any step

3.910 04/10/2020

  • logging update

3.909 03/10/2020

  • edit watch action bug fix

3.908 03/10/2020

  • Debugging build

3.907 02/10/2020

  • Handle if OS doesn't return unique tempfilepath
  • Handle load account error for account tag filtering

3.906 31/10/2020

  • Processing control will confirm on delete key

3.905 30/10/2020

  • debugging build

3.904 27/10/2020

  • edit action > edit num threads added for more actions

3.903 26/10/2020

  • edit action > edit num threads added

3.902 24/10/2020

  • Accounts tab - VERIFY functions now work with ACC CAMPAIGN TAGS
  • Accounts tab - filter verify all verification_required accounts fix
  • verify all verification_required accounts improved logging to debug no accounts loaded occasional issue

3.901 22/10/2020

  • do_not_show_stats_loading fix
  • Config file option: 'DO_NOT_SHOW_STATS.txt' to never show stats on stats tab
  • Jarvee cookies importing function added (ACCOUNTS tab)

3.899 21/10/2020

  • Load time improvements
  • shared action efficiency improvements
  • Load time debugging

3.897 19/10/2020

  • debugging disppearing actions
  • relogin function debugging

3.896 19/10/2020

  • Verify all required added filter option to ignore some types
  • option added to: EDIT ACTION > CompleteAfterFileProcessed to not complete once file finished and to keep checking file for new items

3.895 17/10/2020

  • CSV Update account details heading fix on default CSV file writeout

3.894 16/10/2020

  • user tags / mentions specified works with tokens

3.893 15/10/2020

  • Ignore albums filter added
  • Fix mass action usebrowser default value bug
  • Fix edit video posting meta UI bug

3.891 13/10/2020

  • video uploads usertagging added
  • fix issue with challenge block type update accounts list
  • mass actions can use browser module

3.890 12/10/2020

  • edit action fixes
  • export button enabled on update tab
  • selectcontactpoint detection if no choice available
  • other minor updates

3.888 10/10/2020

  • Challenge: LegacyForceSetNewPasswordForm to set new password
  • Challenge: IeForceSetNewPasswordForm to set new password
  • Unfollow use remaining items will not check for followers as assume list has already checked
  • Bug fix for cusotmblocktext file

3.887 06/10/2020

  • bug fix infile save search actions
  • unfollow use remaining items from file fix

3.886 05/10/2020

  • edit actions > filter now editable
  • global processed logs > Shared to global option added to remove shared records and move to a global log across acccounts (reduces database size)

3.885 02/10/2020

  • max speed search filter fixes
  • bulk right click functionality added for editing accounts
  • bug fix user filter locations

3.883 02/10/2020

  • user location filter will check for country code
  • bug fix with single account search and task actions

3.882 01/10/2020

  • fix issues with detection of not working accounts
  • search action to randomise accounts and better detection of unavailable accounts
  • handle new verification attempt

3.881 01/10/2020

  • rebuild

3.880 30/09/2020

  • search actions will not run if no accounts are viable to run
  • max speed debugging
  • write watch files on post images added
  • handle new verification challenge

3.879 29/09/2020

  • approve requests bug fix attempt with results
  • shared request duplicate login fix
  • AllowShareRequests editable for shared action to not share requests

3.878 29/09/2020

  • Bug fix with parallel processing thread setting

3.877 28/09/2020

  • Approve requests fix results display issue
  • Shared actions with more threads than accounts fix
  • Shared actions with do not merge setting fix
  • Some other little things

3.876 26/09/2020

  • Browser better detect failed action with Try Again message
  • Results processing column to include action length
  • Accounts tested if can be used before logging in for shared actions to avoid unnecessary requests
  • Account option to allow request retry if failed due to network error
  • Account option to specify how many reattempts if failed http request due to network
  • Account option to specify how long to pause inbetween failed requests due to network
  • Shared Search and Action actions edit action option to specify how many items per account to be processed in share action

3.875 25/09/2020

  • Shared processing action for multiple accounts for Approve Requests
  • Campaign tags allowed for Approve Requests

3.874 23/09/2020

  • ACC DETAILS form allows setting to allow email verification, allow sms verification, auto solve email (POP) , auto solve SMS (API) and prefer email / sms
  • ACCOUNTS tab allows to override the above for a specific VERIFY LOGIN action
  • Bulk setting of new options on right click on accounts tab

3.872 23/09/2020

  • Bug fix export accounts list row as CSV if elements contain tab AND linebreaks
  • campaing tags fix on action repeat

3.871 22/09/2020

  • Recaptcha support added
  • Bug fix export accounts list row as CSV if elements contain tab
  • SMSPVA compatible API url fix to not require ?metod= query param

3.870 17/09/2020

  • consent required update
  • custom file to map to warning text to trigger Block Warning code: %appdata%\rootjazz\instadub\data\customblocktext.txt
  • SMSPVA can now take API URL so can use SMSPVA API compatible sites

3.869 14/09/2020

  • unfollow option to use remaining items from file when using Bot Follows, ignore followers, scrape option

3.868 12/09/2020

  • Account Details form option added to Rotate Proxies on Network Failure
  • Account List bulk option added to Rotate Proxies on Network Failure

3.867 11/09/2020

  • Filter ignore igtv added
  • verify action option added to ignore 60 second pause on warning

3.866 10/09/2020

  • fix bugs in previous release new features

3.865 08/09/2020

  • save out failed results after action
  • bulk set processing action options added
  • Add option to all actions to allow DoNotAttemptVerification
  • Fix bug with VerifyAllAccountsRequireVerification on action being lost
  • VerifyAllAccountsRequireVerification option to work with selected accounts or all accounts

3.863 05/09/2020

  • Edit auto-backup fix


Instadub 3.990最新破解版下载-专用升级文件发布页面